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We are working with true winners! Check out this inspiring story on how new Purity Products Champion, and celebrity trainer, Jay Cardiello helped a St. Jude survivor overcome adversity and participate in a 5K.

Jay heard the story about Hillary Husband, a St. Jude patient who wanted to participate in the recent St. Jude Memphis Marathon’s 5K. He opened his heart and lent his training expertise to get Hillary ready of her run. An unfortunate injury almost derailed her plans. Jay sprang into action once again and helped her complete the 5K!

We find this story truly inspiring and motivating. We are delighted to be teamed up with Jay!

Check out the news story here:

GO Jay GO!!!


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Creatine Improves Muscular Performance, Even in Your 60s!

You heard that right.

A recent study conducted on women aged 58-71 found that short-term creatine supplementation resulted in an increase in strength, power, and lower-body motor functional performance in older women without any adverse side effects.

The study compared strength and performance tasks from subjects who supplemented with creatine for 7 days vs. those who were given a placebo.

There is some proof that creatine isn’t only good for only young athletes!

Here is a link to the abstract of the study:

Vegetables. Raw or Cooked?

The New York Times Well Blog goes into detail about a much debated topic. Does cooking vegetables destroy their nutritional value? The answer… There are pros and cons. Read the article here.

Responses to Omega 3 Fish Oil News

News about Omega 3’s gained attention early last week. Gaining less attention were the vast rebuttals to the flawed report. posted several rebuttals, which do an excellent job summarizing the responses:


Fundamentals of Healthy Aging – What about in the Mediterranean?

This is part of our ongoing The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging spotlight. Each week, we will be posting some of the great information that’s packed into our book, The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging.

Today’s topic:
What about in the Mediterranean?

In those areas where the Mediterranean dietary lifestyle is traditional, the people with the greatest health and longevity eat abundant amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grain breads, beans, nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil, cheeses made from the milks of species other than cows and the occasional glass or two of red wine, a rich source of antioxidant compounds from grapes such as resveratrol, with a meal. Concentrated sugars, processed flour products, eggs, cheeses made from cow’s milk, lean red meats and dairy products are considered rare treats.

Next Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging topic:
Establishing Your “Healthy Aging” Plan

Fundamentals of Healthy Aging – What are Okinawans Doing?

This is part of our ongoing The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging spotlight. Each week, we will be posting some of the great information that’s packed into our book, The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging.

Today’s topic:
Fundamentals of Healthy Aging – What are Okinawans Doing?

Several “themes” have become apparent when the lifestyles of the longest-lived Okinawans have been examined. Perhaps most importantly, they are not overweight. In fact, they tend to be slightly underweight – naturally! – they have enjoyed a lifetime of lean trimness without any periods of adult excess fat accumulation. In terms of dietary practices, their habit is to stop eating at the first feelings of fullness, instead of stuffing themselves with excess food. If you don’t gain it you never need to lose it.

They begin life active and they remain in motion as much as is possible, exercising every day in the form of dance, soft martial arts, walking and gardening. They seem to embody a type of personification of that old physics adage that a body in motion tends to remain in motion and not collapse under its own inertia.

Of course, they also shun self-destructive use of tobacco products or alcohol to excess.

Personality testing has found that Okinawan centenarians, when they were decades younger and in their prime of life, scored low when it came to feelings of “time urgency” and “tension” and high in “self-confidence” and “unyieldingness.” Interviews revealed optimistic attitudes, adaptability, and an easy-going approach to life. Moderation was found to be a key cultural value. Strong social integration and a deep spirituality were particularly evident among Okinawan women. These all tend to be habits and outlooks that contribute to a low-stress lifestyle. Stress being a major cause of disease, it’s fruitful to avoid stress as much as possible – the Okinawan way of life.

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What about in the Mediterranean?

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SlumberMelt with Melatonin, Magnesium and Chamomile

SlumberMelt is an innovative, safe, non habit forming, melt-in-your-mouth supplement which harnesses the night time nourishing benefits of Melatonin, Magnesium and Chamomile to promote healthy, sound, restful sleep.*

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Attention Blueberry Detox® Users!

New Research Shows Berries as Heart Health Protectors

Blueberry DetoxAn explosion of research over the last decade has put berries front and center in a nutritional program for good health. And now, recent findings from the Nurses’ Health Study (NIS) II—a long-term nutrition study includes 93,600 women—highlight berry intake as a key strategy for maintaining heart health. Over an 18-year period, women who ate four or more servings of blueberries and strawberries per week had a 34 percent better chance of keeping their hearts healthy than women who consumed less. The researchers attribute this discovery to anthocyanins, which are health-promoting flavonoids that give berries their rich colors. The report was published in January 2013 by the American Heart Association. (Cassidy A, et al. Circulation 2013; Vol.127, Pages 188-196.)

This is great news for Blueberry Detox® users, because not only does Blueberry Detox® boost your anthocyanin intake, taking one serving daily protects your heart with psyllium fiber at the same time. In fact, FDA labeling regulations (which dictate what we can and cannot tell you about the health benefits of dietary supplements) allow us to make the following statement: Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of Blueberry Detox® Fiber Formula provides 4 grams of this soluble fiber.

Of course, Blueberry Detox® is great for maintaining regularity and healthy elimination, too—that’s the main reason folks are using it. This latest research shows that the blueberries in Blueberry Detox® do more than just give it a great berry taste. So keep taking Blueberry Detox® knowing you’re helping to keep your intestinal tract—and your heart—healthy.

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