I finally did it…

I underwent Lasik surgery last week.  I had thought about doing this for the last five years.  It was interesting as five years ago I wasn’t a candidate but this year I was.  It seems that they have made advances in the technology used for the procedure which was incredible news for me.

For a very long time, I happily wore contact lenses and didn’t think too much about it.  Recently, my contacts have become increasingly uncomfortable and I really didn’t like wearing glasses every day.  Before my surgery I made sure to pick the best doctor I could find.

After my surgery, I wanted to make sure that I did everything I could to help my eyes heal quickly.  So what did I do?  I looked at our Purity Products product line to see what supplements I could take to help support eye health and healing.

The Ultimate Eye Formula was the obvious choice.  It’s loaded with many nutrients that help support eye health such as Lutein, Bilberry extract, IP6, Vitamin C, E and B12 and more.

Another product I immediately started using is the Co-Q Daily plus Lutein.   I also made sure to continue with an Omega-3 Fish Oil formula because Omega 3’s help support healing and are integral to many eye functions.  I switched to the Lycopene Omega Super Formula in order to get my fish oil with the additional carotenoids from the lycopene.

I am very happy with my eyesight and how these products gave me added confidence that I was doing everything I could to support quick healing from surgery.

– Sabrina Levin

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