Green Tea Helps Keep Your Blood Flowing

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Tea Helps Keep Your Blood Flowing

There is some scientific evidence that drinking tea helps to maintain healthy blood vessel function and the delivery of oxygenated blood to the heart to keep tissues healthy. Regular tea consumption also has been reported to help blood vessels respond properly to vasodilating stimuli – in other words, the vessels expand to allow more blood to pass when more oxygenated blood is needed, especially to the heart muscle. Tea maintains circulatory function through the heart and to the peripheral tissues and organs.

The catechins in green tea not only help blood vessels respond properly to stimuli, they also help protect the interior lining of blood vessels from invasion by over-stimulated smooth muscle cells (blood vessels that can expand and contract are surrounded by smooth muscle cells that control the vessels’ diameter). Catechins can thus support the pliability of vessel tissue, keeping vessels healthy and keeping them functioning as they are intended. The results of a study published recently in Cardiovascular Research have shown that the catechins in green tea extract prevent the secretion of enzymes by over-stimulated vascular smooth muscle cells, supporting the integrity of the lining of blood vessels and ensuring they remain healthy and undamaged, maintaining their normal structure and function. This modulatory effect of green tea catechins on blood vessel health leads to their ability to healthfully support cardiovascular function.15

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