Green Tea Optimizes Oral Health

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Tea Optimizes Oral Health

Wouldn’t it be great if something you put into your mouth actually made it healthier? Look no further – just drink green tea. The phytonutrients in teas, especially green teas, are partially absorbed through the soft tissues of the oral cavity and “attach” to every surface, including the surfaces of the teeth. Research has shown that tea phytonutrients keep tooth surfaces clean and healthy and the tiny amount of fluoride in tea helps strengthen tooth enamel.33 Even more impressively, a study using hamsters showed that consuming tea enhanced dental health and tooth integrity.34 The composition of human teeth and hamster teeth is similar – so when it comes to a healthy mouth, tea consumption appears to have great potential.

There can be no doubt – for good health and healthy aging, green tea and green tea catechins are among your strongest allies.

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