More Health Benefits of Allicin

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More on Allicin

Support the Body’s Stress Response and Increase Energy

Research into the energy-enhancing and stress-supportive effects of garlic has yielded a number of mechanisms that begin to explain the tonifying ability of this ancient food. Scientists believe that the ability of garlic to enhance peripheral circulation, its antioxidant effects that protect the brain and peripheral tissues, its ability to support and promote a healthy immune defense, and simply its nutritional value lend it to be well-suited for these benefits. Garlic is a good source of numerous essential vitamins and minerals. The attributes of its various constituents play a vital role in the tonic abilities of this herb. However, researchers feel the fact that the constituents of whole garlic exert synergistic effects in the presence of one another are a more likely explanation of it benefits. Several animal experiments and some human experiments have shown stress-relieving and endurance-enhancing abilities of this herb.10 Whatever the reasons may be, what was true in ancient times remains so now – garlic is a mental and physical rejuvenator.

And If that’s Not Enough…

The benefits of allicin are not limited to the cardiovascular system. Daily dietary supplementation with allicin can increase the activity of the human “immunosurveillance system” – that is, the vigilance of the immune system to seek out and repair damaged cells.11,12 This innate “Homeland Security Force” serves to preserve and protect the “normality” of the complex internal cellular network that is your body. Keeping your immunosurveillance set to “high alert” and on constant patrol supports and defends the healthy function of every organ and tissue.

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