Purestin – Suntheanine is great for sleep

I know a lot of folks have a little trouble getting to sleep, at least occasionally. Or maybe your issue isn’t falling asleep, but rather staying asleep. Typically I sleep like a baby (Quick interlude- why does the expression “sleep like a baby” connote deep solid undisturbed sleep?? My 2 kids, when they were babies, normally screamed half the night, either pooping themselves into a mud bath, demanding milk, or just hollering away for some inexplicable but highly interruptive reason!)…

Anyway, recently, for some reason, I noticed that I was consistently waking up in the middle of the night, and it wasn’t so easy to quickly get back to sleep. As you can imagine, I was waking up groggy, grumpy and asking myself “How many hours before I can return to my bed?”

So the first thing I thought of was that maybe I need to stick to one glass of red wine with dinner instead of two. Tried this for a few days and didn’t really help much, which was frustrating because it was the only obvious thing I had changed in my routine recently. Now while I bounce  up and down 10 or so pounds,  I’m not overweight. I run fairly consistently. I avoid sugar (most of the time). All my numbers are rock solid. I did not feel abnormally stressed out.

So I decided to call in the big guns- Purestin, our sleep supplement which features Melatonin and Suntheanine, which is just a fabulous evidence-based ingredient derived from green tea. And while I know you’re thinking “Wait a second, doesn’t this guy SELL this product? How objective can he be?” I have to say I felt the difference the first night.

We know Melatonin works. And Suntheanine is great for sleep because it basically helps you relax without having sedative properties. And Suntheanine is special because there’s actually data showing it helps you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Fortunately, it helped me here as well.  All in, it’s been 3 good nights, and mornings, in a row, and I’m excited about our future with this formulation.

– Jason Kam

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