Prostate Health: Nutritional Support for Healthy Function

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Prostate Health: Nutritional Support for Healthy Function

The prostate is a walnut sized gland that is a part of the male reproductive system located in the pelvic area. The prostate stores and produces seminal fluid, which serves as nourishment for the sperm. As men age, the prostate can often be an area of concern. Diverse conditions can affect the prostate and impact sexual function as well as normal urination. Because these functions are important for wellness, supporting healthy prostate gland function becomes a priority for men as they age.

The key to promoting prostate health is to ensure the nourishment and proper functioning of the cells it is made up of. Ensuring cellular health also ensures that the cellular cycle of growth, reproduction and differentiation occurs normally. The health of the cells is a determining factor for the prostate to maintain its normal size. However, it is difficult to know how healthy these cells are. In fact, the ability of cells to grow and differentiate normally can already have been lost even if the prostate appears normal in size.

As mentioned above, every approach to supporting and promoting the health and stability of the prostate gland is based on helping the cells of the gland control their normal life cycle. A proper rate of replacement of old cells with new will allow the gland to retain its normal size, shape and functions. Fortunately, a virtual cornucopia of nutritional factors help prostate gland cells retain tight control over the timing of their life cycles and strictly regulate their reproductive rate. Used wisely, the nutritional support that is available today can help keep any man’s prostate healthy with age.

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