Essential Brain Nourishment: Choline

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Today’s topic:
Essential Brain Nourishment: Choline

Choline is a B-vitamin-like nutrient that is required for the synthesis of essential components of nerve and brain cell membranes. In humans, the rate of synthesis of these components is governed by the availability of choline in the brain, which itself is determined by dietary choline intake. When incoming supplies of choline are inadequate, existing neuronal cell membranes will be “cannibalized” for their choline – obviously a losing proposition in the long run. In contrast, dietary supplementation with choline prevents such avoidable loss of brain cell integrity. The current Recommended Dietary Allowances for choline range from 125 mg/day for neonatal infants to 425 mg/day for adults and 550 mg/day for lactating women. Daily intakes of up to 3500 mg are safe.17

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